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Building Relationships That Matter: The Secret to Thriving in the Funeral Business

Jun 14, 2023 12:15:19 PM / by Ryan Thogmartin


As a funeral professional, you understand the importance of building relationships with families and the communities you serve. In fact, a staggering 80% of your business can come from families you've already served or those you've formed strong connections with.

So, how can you make sure you're reaching out to as many people as possible? There are several ways to make meaningful connections, from participating in local events and volunteering to hosting your own events at your funeral home. This allows you to shake hands physically, build trust, and create memories that last a lifetime.

One of the most important aspects of building relationships, however, is through the content you create. Many funeral homes miss the mark when it comes to using social media or their Facebook page, often relying on automated content that doesn't connect with their audience.


But you can do things differently. By tapping into your personal brand and creating content that engages with your audience, you can form meaningful connections that will last a lifetime. And when you connect with people on a deeper level, sales become a natural part of the equation.

Whether through face-to-face interactions or virtual connections, the more relationships you build, the more successful your business will be. Shaking hands leads to business success.



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Ryan Thogmartin

Written by Ryan Thogmartin