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18 Brilliant Funeral Home Marketing Ideas

Jun 25, 2018 12:01:13 AM / by Justin Crowe posted in Justin Crowe, social media, Blog, Connecting Directors, Funeral Homes, Social Media Strategy, funeral crowdfunding, funeral home marketing


Are you afraid your funeral home is not reaching its full audience potential in your community? It's possible... Your job is incredibly complex and marketing sometimes gets pushed to the side - families come first! DISRUPT Media is here to help with a list of proven funeral home marketing strategies, tips, and techniques to try in your community. The strategies below have either worked for us personally with our clients or have worked with other funeral homes in the field. We believe that funeral homes are the cornerstone of communities, offering support in the hardest times, and we want to help you serve more families. The funeral home marketing techniques we have identified range from branding, to design, to specific advertising platforms, to community events. Implementing just a couple of these techniques that fit with your community can help you increase revenue, generate more positive reviews online, and get that phone ringing!

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