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How Huff-Guthrie Funeral Home Achieved a Remarkable 75% Increase in Call Volume

Nov 8, 2023 7:37:38 PM / by Ryan Thogmartin

Funeral homes, like any other business, often need to adapt and innovate to stay relevant and meet the evolving needs of their community. Huff-Guthrie Funeral Home is a perfect example of how embracing a modern marketing strategy can lead to remarkable results, including a staggering 75% increase in call volume. Here's how they did it:


  1. Consistent Organic Content on Social Media


Huff-Guthrie Funeral Home's game plan was simple but effective: They started creating 3 to 5 pieces of organic content each week on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This consistent presence allowed them to engage with their audience more effectively.



  1. Monthly Organic Events


While hosting traditional "Lunch and Learn" events was part of their strategy, they took it a step further. They started hosting grief events, Widow and Widower gatherings, Valentine's Day specials, and even butterfly releases, all promoted exclusively through social media. These events served as an incredible way to connect with the community.




  1. The Power of Reels and Organic Video Content


The real kicker in Huff-Guthrie Funeral Home's strategy was their use of reels and organic video content. Video content is known to generate 71% more engagement than any other content type. In the past six months alone, they've accumulated an impressive 31 hours of watch time. This isn't just about numbers; it's about building relationships, trust, and transparency with their consumers.


Huff-Guthrie Funeral Home's journey is a testament to the transformative power of modern marketing strategies, emphasizing organic content, social media engagement, and the undeniable appeal of video content. By staying connected with the community and nurturing authentic relationships, they have not only grown their business but also enriched the lives of those they serve.


What This Means For You

If you’re wanting to grow your funeral home, you should consider investing more time into your social media. If you want- use the plan we laid out in this very article. Over time, when done correctly, you’ll see a financial increase that reveals the fruit of your labor.

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Ryan Thogmartin

Written by Ryan Thogmartin