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We Spent $5,000,000 on Funeral Homes Ads

Sep 1, 2022 2:05:28 PM / by Ryan Thogmartin

Let’s say you have $500 to invest. Wouldn’t you want to put that money into something that’s actually proven to generate a positive return on your investment? And not just a positive ROI — an eye-popping, bank-breaking 18X ROI? You can probably think of several things to do with $9,000, right? 

You don’t multiply your money by 18 with just any investment — not even blackjack, crypto, or the lottery. So what’s the key to this kind of return?


Yes, data. The data that’s generated from your Facebook ads. It’s as simple as that.  

Actually, though, leveraging that data isn’t a simplistic process. Knowing what data to gather, how to review it, and how to leverage it isn’t a skill that’s native to everyone — even funeral directors. Luckily, we know a guy… or actually, several guys and several gals.

Our DISRUPT Media team has spent over $5 million on funeral home Facebook ads. In the process, we’ve learned about what works — what actually drives conversions and makes your phone ring. We use what we learn to continuously refine and perfect our formulas and strategies for Facebook marketing. 


While we can’t reveal every ingredient in our DISRUPT secret sauce, here’s how our strategy works:

Wait. First, let’s get this disclaimer out of the way …


DISRUPT never, ever creates content for your Facebook page just for the sake of creating content. That approach just doesn’t drive positive results, although that’s the approach a lot of so-called Facebook marketers take. If that’s what you’re looking for — a one-size-fits-all content factory — that’s not DISRUPT.

We like to get all personal and cozy with your audience. We watch the data to learn:

  • What makes them tick,
  • What other things they’re engaging with online,
  • The number of characters in posts they most engage with, and even
  • The time of day they like to engage with posts.

Understanding your audience and creating relationships is crucial, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Interacting with them and getting to know them takes time — maybe 90 to 120 days. During that time, our content magicians create content that pulls those consumers into conversations — actual, real-life back-and-forth dialogue. Next, we show those folks a sales-specific ad containing content designed to engage those specific consumers. 

How do we know this works? Two ways.

First, we tested this theory by presenting sales-specific ads to consumers with less engagement with your brand. Guess what? We got way fewer conversions (i.e. phones ringing, sales made) with these folks than we did when we applied our data-driven strategies and customized content.

The second way we knew our strategy worked was perhaps the easiest method — It. Drove. Conversions. It made the phones ring. And it multiplied investments by up to 18X. 


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Ryan Thogmartin

Written by Ryan Thogmartin