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DISRUPT Media Helps Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Address “Identity Crisis"

Mar 21, 2016 4:07:34 PM / by Ryan Thogmartin


Seeking a way to help differentiate itself from other funeral homes in the area, Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial Home has selected DISRUPT Media to coordinate its social media strategy and content management. Using their proprietary FUNERAL Social Design Process, DISRUPT Media is helping Vander Plaat-Vermeulen to not only raise awareness for the firm, but to help distinguish the funeral home from the other firms in New Jersey that have the word, Vander-Plaat, in their name.

“I knew that social media could be an important marketing tool, I just didn’t know where to turn for help,” commented Nicholas Vander Plaat of Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial Home. “After talking with several fellow members of Selected Independent Funeral Homes who used DISRUPT Media and checking out the posts on their Facebook pages, I knew Ryan was the right resource. The posts he was doing for these other firms were topics I would never have thought of myself.”

Recently, the funeral home ran a Valentine’s Day contest on Facebook that asked followers to “send love” to someone deserving. Families were encouraged to nominate someone who could use a lift to their spirits around Valentine’s Day. Candidates could be someone who recently lost a loved one, had gone through a hard time or just deserving of an uplifting surprise.

“Several weeks after the end of the contest and the two winners were announced, I ran into a family member of one of the winners,” Vander Plaat went on to say. “They went out of their way to tell me how much winning the contest meant to the family member. There’s no doubt innovative ideas like this have helped us grow our connection with families.”

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“At DISRUPT Media, we believe social media allows every funeral home to act in ways that separate their firms from the others in the market.” stated Ryan Thogmartin, President of DISRUPT Media. “We have been privileged to help the Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial Home create a distinctive identity in their community. “

“Social media provides the perfect platform that Vander Plaat-Vermeulen needs to provide a unique identity in the area,” commented Vander Plaat. “Ryan and his team have provided us great access, insight and opportunities to better connect with our families. I know it’s working because the reach of our obituaries is greater than it’s ever been.”


About Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial Home:  For three generations, the Vander Plaat-Vermeulen Memorial Home in Franklin Lakes, NJ is dedicated to serving families whenever their needs arise. As a family owned and operated home, they understand the importance of family, love and trust. Their commitment is to families and, ultimately, to their loved one.   More information is available at www.vpmemorial.com.

About DISRUPT Media: DISRUPT Media is a full service social media management and content agency dedicated to the funeral profession. Started by Ryan Thogmartin, DISRUPT Media provides creative ideas and a simple plan to produce a social media presence that is completely unique for each client. To learn more, call DISRUPT Media at 800-215-2713 or visit the website at www.disruptmedia.co.

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Ryan Thogmartin

Written by Ryan Thogmartin