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Word of Mouth Marketing is Social Media

Nov 9, 2020 2:32:08 PM / by Ryan Thogmartin

What all have you talked about today? Maybe a little bit of politics, sports, food, job related topics? The list could go on and on. Most people enjoy a good conversation, whether they are taking part in it or just observing. That’s why podcasts continue to rise in popularity, and everyone likes posting their own opinions all across the internet. See, humans are meant to communicate. When your funeral home or cemetery can enter your communities daily conversations, you are on the fast-track to success. Real quick, I want to show you how social media IS word of mouth marketing and will give you results.


See, social media and WOM marketing aren't even cousins or distant relatives; they are one-in-the-same. When you use social media to post great content and communicate with your community, you will be top-of-mind in conversations, because you left a positive impact on that individual. This will lead to more pre-need AND urgent calls/appointments.


"So that's cool and all, but what do I post?" Great question. We know two things about creating content:

1) people think it's easy-breezy to do

2) people find out it's a little more difficult than they think. 


If this weren't true, DISRUPT Media wouldn't have a team dedicated to creating personalized daily content for all of our DISRUPT Media members, they would do it themselves. We do this because it saves our members time/energy and they see the results it brings to their business!

But, even if you're not a member (yet), we still want to give you some tips to help you along your way.


1) Make it Topical

We are entering into a long-awaited holiday season. Make sure your content really shows off your local area and the current time/season you're in. What is your business and staff doing during this time? Example: how you are still serving the community and helping local charities during COVID. 


2) Show Yo Face 

People like seeing other people. By featuring you and your staff's mugs, the funeral home goes from being a building to being a community of people. Once again, by taking some photos of yourself around the town, you're giving people more of a reason to talk, and that's the goal!


3) Show up to our webinar

That's right, on November 17th at 3:00pm EST, we'll be giving a whole lot of tips and best practices around creating content that helps move the needle for your business. You can register here!

Facebook is the new water cooler, and posts/ads are the new reality shows/commercials. We have seen businesses succeed time after time by becoming an active part of those conversations and crushing it online, so, we know you can do it too!


So, there you have it. Have any questions? Text me at (740) 273-6627! I would love to chat!


Also, be sure to register for our webinar here: 

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Ryan Thogmartin

Written by Ryan Thogmartin