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The One Component Missing From Every Single Funeral Home Marketing Conversation

Oct 14, 2019 9:07:09 PM / by Ryan Thogmartin

When I tell you there is one thing missing from every single funeral home marketing conversation, what would you think that one thing might be? Content? Goals? Budget? Analytics? Video?


All of those other things are important when you’re talking about your funeral home’s marketing plan, but when it gets right down to it, the most valuable aspect of whatever you’re doing to market your services is your ability to build relationships with your audience. 

There are a lot of vendors that have the ability to put out loads of “free” content for you. You can even download a lot of this stuff on your own and post something different every single day on your Facebook page.

The problem with this content is that it’s generic. 100% generic. The fact that you are getting it for free means that other people are too. Other funeral homes are posting the exact same poem, verse, or stock photo that’s on your page. This is not the kind of content that people will share, comment on, or even be drawn to. When was the last time a preneed customer said they chose your funeral home because of that awesome mountain/sunset/ocean photo you posted on your Facebook page?

Your funeral home’s marketing plan has to include ways to create lasting relationships, and the best way to do that is to let them get to know your personal brand. To do this, you have to be authentic, real, and trustworthy. 

People buy from people —, especially in our business. I know you're proud of the people on your team, and you know how valuable they are to your clients. So let's get them out there in front of potential clients and let them help you build on those existing client relationships.

Here is a great example from one of our clients:

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Your team is different from the other funeral home staff in your area. So is your facility. Your audience wants to know what both are like. They want to see real people, and they want to see what’s inside your funeral home. They want to know how you’ve treated other people, and how you interact with your community. This gives them a great idea of what they could expect if they chose to do business with you. You have to be transparent with your audience, and let them get to know you.

If you follow the marketing of other brands like Nike or Coca-Cola, you’ve seen that there’s always a person in their ads along with their product — someone wearing the Jordans or drinking the Coke. We’re social beings. We relate to people. It’s just a fact.

Some marketers will tell you all this, but then treat your funeral home’s marketing like they serve all their other clients. You need content that’s completely personalized for your business. Personal, not cookie cutter. 

At DISRUPT we build custom content for each of our clients. Instead of a generic graphic with a quote, we’ll help you create pictures, videos, and announcements that are unique to you and your community. A photo of your staff with the message “Meet our Team,” a video of your funeral home’s Harley hearse, or an invitation to attend a preneed lunch and learn event in your chapel or community center is something your audience will see only from you, not your competitors.

We want to help you build relationships with your potential clients and families within your community. Let DISRUPT show you what “custom content” really means.

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Ryan Thogmartin

Written by Ryan Thogmartin